OOTD | Last Minute Holiday Outfits | LBDs

The holiday season is in full swing, Christmas is less than a week away, and the New Year is just around the corner. You've probably started getting invitations to holiday parties, dinners, etc., and if you're anything like me, you probably haven't given much thought about what you're going to wear.

If you're struggling to find something last minute and don't have time or money to go out and buy something new, my advice to you is to go for the little black dress (LBD) you already have in your closet. The LBD is a classic and you really can't go wrong. They can be dressed up for a more formal event, or dressed down for something more casual. Here are three LBD Holiday Looks I put together.

DIY Jewelry Storage Solutions | Earring Hanger

I'm really excited to share with you the first post in a series of DIY Jewelry Storage Solutions! Today's jewelry storage solution is an earring hanger made from a picture frame. The great thing about this earring hanger is that it also sort of doubles as a room decor piece, so you can personalize it to match your room color palette/theme.

Favorites | October & November 2014

Hey everyone! First, I just want to say sorry for being MIA lately. My job has been pretty demanding lately, to say the least, which has resulted in my schedule being really unpredictable, and I just haven't had the time to write a proper blog post. Not to mention, we're losing more and more daylight everyday here in Alaska, so by the time I get off work, the sun is down & I can't photograph outside. Anyway, I'm really sorry and I'd like to make it up to you, so I'm hoping to have a few posts up this week, so stay tuned for that! Now, lets get started on my October & November Favorties...

OOTD Monochrome Kimono

2014 has definitely been the year for the kimono fashion trend. I started seeing colorful kimonos in stores and in magazines earlier this spring, just in time for music festival season. The trend lasted all summer, and is now transitioning into the fall season. I love the look of kimonos. They are so effortless and can be worn so many different ways. I've seen them worn over swimsuits, with denim shorts & crop tops, paired with boyfriend jeans, over skater dresses, and with leggings.

Fall Lookbook 2014

I mentioned last week that I had a lookbook planned for you all, but unfortunately the weather wasn't cooperating, so I had to reschedule. I originally wanted to make a video lookbook, and I had high hopes that the weather would be better this weekend so I could film, but it rained all weekend (again), so I decided to get creative with the self-timer setting and I photographed my lookbook at home. It wasn't easy, but I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.

August & September Favorites 2014

I originally had a fall lookbook planned for today's post, but unfortunately, due to weather, I wasn't able to put it together in time, so we will have to take a rain check. But worry not, my friends, because I have a Plan B–August & September Favorites–which is actually great because, since I had so much going on last month, I didn't get a chance to share my August favorites.

Updates: Family Visits & Working

Tree Face on Walking Trail
September was an unexpectedly busy month, which explains my lack in blog posts lately. I had a friend come and visit for the first week of September. Immediately after she left, my grandmother came to town. The day after my grandmother got here, my aunt, my cousin and his wife also came to visit, then a few days later, one of my uncles came to visit, too. It was a McIntyre Family reunion of sorts. The entire month was so fun and packed full of adventure (to say the least).

OOTD Job Interview

Last week, I got a call for a job interview and literally the first thought that crossed my mind was, "what am I going to wear?!"

My ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I'm sure you've all seen the famous Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) Ice Bucket Challenge videos circulating the internet and various social media platforms. They've definitely been flooding my social media feeds, and I think that is awesome! The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a social media campaign designed to raise money that will be used for ALS research AND to spread awareness about the neurodegenerative disease. I was recently nominated by one of my friends to participate in the challenge, as well as donate $10 to the ALS Association.  For more information about ALS and to make a donation, visit www.alsa.org.

Every Body is Beautiful: An Open Letter to Fat Shamers

It's been a while since I posted something about body positivity and acceptance, and I think it's really important that I include these posts every so often. With that, here is my Open Letter to Fat Shamers...

To all the bullies in school who torment their classmates so they don't feel comfortable eating in the cafeteria or changing in the locker rooms; to the individuals behind computer screens and online alter egos leaving hateful, humiliating comments on that girl or guy's selfie; to the person who feels obligated to say something about that man or woman's weight or size because they are "concerned" about their health; and to the assholes that created #fatshamingweek....this is for you:

July Favorites 2014

I cannot believe July has already come and gone! This summer is flying by! With the end of another month comes another monthly favorites post!

My 10 Wardrobe Essentials

I have mentioned in previous posts that I consider my style to be edgy, casual, and laid-back, and you will probably notice this once I get more outfits posted, but there are certain articles of clothing that I personally cannot live without and think every girl needs in her wardrobe, plus-size or not.

OOTD When Skies are Grey

It's been raining the last couple days, which is not uncommon in Sitka, Alaska, but I'm not complaining. When I'm planning my outfit of the day, I like to start with the jacket and plan the rest of the outfit around that.

June Favorites 2014

I can't believe I'm saying this, but the month of June is officially over, so I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the random crap that I've been loving the last month.

Playlist: June 2014

I have a very eclectic taste in music, so naturally, my playlists include a variety of songs, old and new. I would say my favorite genre is indie/alternative, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't listen to the occasional Ke$ha or Katy Perry song.

One of my favorite places to create playlists is a website called 8Tracks. If are not familiar with 8tracks, it is a "handcrafted internet radio" site (or what I would describe as online mix tapes), that allows you to listen to playlists created by other users & create playlists of your own to share.

OOTD Leather Weather

I have said it once, I'll say it again. There is nothing that makes me feel more badass and sexy than wearing [faux] leather. Something about it just makes me feel like a rock star, and who doesn't want to feel like that!?

10 Ways to Un-Funk Yourself

Disclaimer: I am not a professional and do not claim to have any expertise in this field. If you are struggling with depression, or think that you may need help, please talk to someone or seek help from a health care provider. 

Every now and then, we all find ourselves in a bit of a funk. Sometimes it lasts a couple of days, other times it lasts a couple of weeks, and at times it may even last longer. If you aren't familiar with what a funk is, or what being in a funk feels like, it's somewhat a state of depression. You don't really want to get out of bed, you're not particularly motivated, you're lacking the confidence that you normally have, and you feel like you can't catch a break–like everything and everyone is out to get you.

April Favorites 2014

Something I see a lot of fashion and beauty bloggers and YouTubers do is "monthly favorites" posts. I love reading these posts and watching these videos. I think they're a great way to get some insight on products and other items you might be considering buying for yourself, but want a second opinion. I also think they're a great way to learn about new products or items you may have never even thought to use.

April Showers OOTD

The weather in Southeast Alaska is very unpredictable and can literally change within a matter of minutes, and that is something I have to keep in mind when I'm getting ready for my day. I really love this outfit because it's casual, comfortable, and great for the erratic weather patterns. I've paired a black skater dress from New Look with leggings from Forever 21+ and topped it with a denim jacket from Old Navy and boots from Sears. For those of you interested, I bought my umbrella years ago, when I was in Durango, CO. It's just a basic black umbrella, so I think you could probably find a similar one almost anywhere.

RE: What Being a Fat Woman is Really Like...

I am quite new to blogging, as I have only started this blog a couple of weeks ago, but I have been reading beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blogs for years now. Back in February, Rebecca from The Plus Side of Me, wrote about an article that was published on Cosmopolitan.com called "What Being a Fat Woman is Really Like." It was written in the form of an interview where two anonymous, self-proclaimed fat women answered questions about sex, body image, health, and what it's like to be a fat woman.

First of all, I think it's awesome that plus-size ladies are getting more attention and more opportunities to speak their mind & share their experiences! I will say that I did relate to many of the responses that these two women had for certain questions, but I also agree with Rebecca (The Plus Side of Me) who decided to answer the interview questions on her blog, because while this article is a step in the right direction, this article does only include the perspective of two women. I do admire these women for coming forward and sharing their perspectives, and I think this is a great start, but I do think it's important that more of us communicate our own experiences and struggles and insight!

Here are my answers to the same questions:

Steal His Style OOTD

There is just something about (faux) leather I absolutely love. Every time I'm wearing black leather, whether it's a handbag or a jacket, I feel like such a bad ass! In my last two posts, I described my style as edgy-casual & I mentioned that my ideal outfit is a pair of jeans, a loose-fit tee, and a leather jacket. Today's Outfit of The Day (OOTD) is just that.

What to Expect...


I've come to realize that starting a blog is a lot harder than it seems. I kind of figured I could just log on to my account and write something once a week, but I didn't consider how much planning and preparing goes into a single blog post. I want to be able to deliver solid content each week. I want readers to enjoy my posts & look forward to new ones. I just haven't completely figured out a system that works for me...yet. Today, I thought it might be a good idea to let you guys know the different things you can expect to see on this blog.

I'm Allison.

Hello, Everyone! Welcome to my blog!
My name, as you have probably already gathered from the name of my blog, is Allison McIntyre and I'm twenty-four years young. I was born, raised, and currently live in Alaska. I'm Scotch/Irish/Yupik eskimo. I am a (sometimes) student, studying business administration. I'm also an aspiring graphic designer. I love music–listening to it, watching live performances, singing, dancing, everything. I am a plus-size chick and I love all things fashion & beauty. I would describe my style as more edgy and laid-back than anything else. I am a cursing enthusiast, so this blog will most definitely contain the occasional use of explicit language (you have been warned). I am an internet addict; you can find me on twitter, tumblr, instagram, youtube, pinterest, etc. I am a foodie  and I love a good party every now and then. I love to travel and consider myself a nomad at heart, but I haven't seen nearly as much of the world as I would like to. I'm a taurus, which apparently means I'm stubborn as fuck. I'm a daughter, sister, cousin, niece, aunt. And now I am officially a plus-size fashion & lifestyle blogger.

Welcome to the inner workings of my mind.