What to Expect...


I've come to realize that starting a blog is a lot harder than it seems. I kind of figured I could just log on to my account and write something once a week, but I didn't consider how much planning and preparing goes into a single blog post. I want to be able to deliver solid content each week. I want readers to enjoy my posts & look forward to new ones. I just haven't completely figured out a system that works for me...yet. Today, I thought it might be a good idea to let you guys know the different things you can expect to see on this blog.

I decided to be a "lifestyle blogger" because it gives me the freedom to blog about whatever I want, rather than having to limit myself to one specific topic or type of blog. I also decided to be a "lifestyle blogger" because I'm hoping that this will push me to get out and do more things that I normally wouldn't do.

I am a plus-size chick and I do love fashion and I have definitely struggled (and sometimes continue to struggle) with finding my own style. It's especially hard when plus-size clothing that is flattering, affordable, and what you would personally consider stylish, is harder to find. Fortunately, for us bigger girls, more and more stores and clothing lines are starting to carry fashionable plus-size clothing! Because I understand the struggles of being plus-size and finding clothes that I like, I thought I would share some of my plus size shopping tips & tricks, as well as some Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) posts with you. I did mention in my last post that I consider my style more edgy and laid-back. Occasionally, I will feel like dressing up and being more girly, but my ideal outfit consists of jeans, a loose-fit tee, and a leather jacket.

I am by no means a professional makeup artist, nor to I claim to have a great deal of knowledge of makeup. In fact, anything that I do know about makeup, I either (1) learned from a makeup artist at a store like Sephora, Nordstrom or Macy's, or (2) learned from reading other beauty blogs and watching beauty gurus on YouTube. I do, however, love make-up and beauty products. I love trying new products and playing around with new looks, so you will more than likely see makeup and beauty product reviews and favorites posts on here. You might even see the occasional makeup tutorial, if I'm feeling courageous.

I also do a lot of DIY projects. I am currently an unemployed college student and am on a very tight budget, so when I see things in stores or online that really like, I try to figure out ways to duplicate or recreate those things on my own, for a lot less money. You can definitely expect to see some DIY projects on here including recipes for food and drinks, DIY accessories, and DIY home decor projects (which are my favorite projects).

There are so many other things that you guys are going to see on this blog. Basically anything that is happening in my life will end up here, whether it's trips I take, other adventures I go on, things that happen day-to-day, music I'm currently in to, TV shows I'm obsessing over, movies I've seen recently, books I'm reading, etc.

For those of you who have been visiting my page and reading my posts, thank you for taking the time to do that! I really do appreciate it! Just know that in the coming weeks I will have a schedule developed so posts will be regular and they will contain quality content! I am so excited for this blog and for what the future has in store!