10 Ways to Un-Funk Yourself

Disclaimer: I am not a professional and do not claim to have any expertise in this field. If you are struggling with depression, or think that you may need help, please talk to someone or seek help from a health care provider. 

Every now and then, we all find ourselves in a bit of a funk. Sometimes it lasts a couple of days, other times it lasts a couple of weeks, and at times it may even last longer. If you aren't familiar with what a funk is, or what being in a funk feels like, it's somewhat a state of depression. You don't really want to get out of bed, you're not particularly motivated, you're lacking the confidence that you normally have, and you feel like you can't catch a break–like everything and everyone is out to get you.

April Favorites 2014

Something I see a lot of fashion and beauty bloggers and YouTubers do is "monthly favorites" posts. I love reading these posts and watching these videos. I think they're a great way to get some insight on products and other items you might be considering buying for yourself, but want a second opinion. I also think they're a great way to learn about new products or items you may have never even thought to use.