Wantable Subscription Box | January 2015

Today, I'm excited to share with you a subscription service that I have absolutely been loving the last couple months. The company is called Wantable | A Beautiful New Thing. They offer a variety of different subscription categories to choose from, including makeup, accessories, fitness, and intimates.

Once you decide what type of subscription box you would like to receive, you take a quiz so you can customize the items that you receive to fit your style. I decided on the accessories subscription box, because I don't really have the largest collection of accessories. In the accessories subscription quiz, you can select whether you love, like, or dislike a certain style (ex. boho, glam, edgy, classic, etc.). Then you can select which items you would love, like, or would not like to receive (ex. scarves, bracelets, watches, rings, necklaces, earrings, etc). After you decide the styles you like and items you would like to receive, you can even choose the tones you would like your accessories to be (gold, silver, or multi tone). Once you finish the quiz, a Wantable stylist hand-picks 4 accessories for you, and sends them to your mailbox every month.

I got my first accessories box in October of last year, and I have absolutely loved every single box that I have received. The reason I have waited until now to share this service with you was because I really wanted to get a feel for what this service offers, and also because I made a couple updates to my personal style quiz, just to make sure that my boxes were exactly what I wanted them to be.

In the box you receive a page describing the inspiration behind that month's box, a summary of all the items you received and their retail prices. Each of your pieces is wrapped up in little black, velvet-like pouches.

Here are the pieces I received in January and a list of the retail prices:

1) Veronica Bracelet (Gold) - $24.00
This really cool statement cuff bracelet is described as an adjustable gold cuff with geometric cutouts and a center black stone.

2) Kim Watch (Gold) - $32.00
This edgy wrap-watch is one of my favorite pieces. It's described as a black and gold chain design with a gold watch face and adjustable snap closures. Not only is it fashionable, it's also functional!

3) Nala Bracelet (Silver) - $18.00
The Nala Bracelet, which is described as a gorgeous chain link bracelet with a bar and circle closure, is such an awesome piece. It has a little bit of an edgy to it, too, but it's also very wearable.

4) Holly Ring (Gold) - $16.00
The Holly Ring is described as a gold statement ring. This ring is so pretty, I love it. While it is a statement ring, it's still very wearable for day and night.

You can purchase a one-month subscription for $40 to try it out (which I have done with the makeup box, as well), or you can buy a three-month subscription, and pay $36 each month. One or two of these items would be equal to the amount you would spend on a one-month subscription box, so it's definitely worth the price. And one of the great things about Wantable is, if you don't like your collection, you can return it, no questions asked. They also have the option of sending a box as a gift!

I really love this subscription box. The quality is great, the customer service is great, and they really allow you to customize your box to fit your style. I honestly don't have anything bad to say about it. I definitely recommend you check it out at www.wantable.com.

If I could give you any advice, however, it would be to make your order in the first half of the month, because I made my order on the 17th if the month, and the Wantable box usually doesn't get to my mailbox until the first week of the following month, so just keep that in mind. 

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